Hotelpital Background's

Hotelpital is another trademark name owned by ISWAY Research Center designed as a concept that combines both a hospital service with the exception of allopathic medicines combined with a hotel facility aimed to serve as the first line of treatment for patients with non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, high blood pressure, piles and prostate conditions. The early concept was finalized in 2017 when the Company attended the Trace Element Man and Animal Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia and was interested to develop a solution framework linking remedies to diseases using trace elements. The concept although not a new idea is based on the notion that getting the right mineral for the right patient to reverse an adverse condition back to the normal state using trace elements as a basis. Although an old idea, the concept can be deemed as being upgraded when the condition can be quantitatively measured using trace elements as a marker and a series of remedies can be quantitatively proposed. Today, only two laboratories are providing such services in the world, one in India and the other in the US. Hotelpital seeks to be the first service provider offering the trace elements method as a way to diagnose a condition and prescribed meals and minerals to reverse the condition in a quantitative method. Hotelpital is the future healthcare system.