About Us

We are a group of exploratory researchers in the business of conducting work for a specific problem that has been understudied with the intention to establish priorities, develop operational definitions and improve the final research design.

The Founder who is an Accountant by profession left the corporate world after serving as the Head of Operation for a textile factory, explored into entrepreneurship and was involved in areas of retail, manufacturing, marketing and sales. His last employment was a Marketing Specialists in a consultation firm specializing in Knowledge Management. He has 25 years accumulated experience in various management and operational areas from trading and sourcing. However his passion has always been in natural remedy especially in areas of communicating the health benefits of natural products and their potential to humanity.


In 2013, he was involved consulting a client that was developing a Phytochemistry curriculum syllabus for MARA and had then developed a concept paper called “The 4-Hybrid” depicting four structure pillars that will support and stimulate the industry of natural remedies in Malaysia. “The 4-Hybrid”module when ready will depict the four major thrust required to bring herbal remedies to the next level. The level where natural remedies can be explained scientifically and be understood commonly among the people at large.

From October 2016 to June 2018 the Company was involved in research, develop and commercialize a Controlled Environment Agriculture Swiftlet Farming and Ranching Facility called the i-Ranch. The facility is second to none within it’s class when patently able to ensure the production of white edible bird’s nest can be assured, efficient and sustainable. The Company through its commercial wing ISWAY Biolifescience is currently on the look out for potential investors to finance the first prototype in Sungai Siput, Perak.

In 2017, the Company had finalized a master concept that would act as the first line of treatment for patients with non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, high blood pressure, piles and prostate conditions. Hotelpital is a hybrid concept that combines both a hospital service with the exception of allopathic medicines blended with a hotel facility aimed to serve people with such conditions. The concept is still in progress and has yet to be finalized.

As to date (2019), after more than 15 years of developing the right marker and dosage for C.s.e.™ plus the testimony and experience of more than a hundred users ranging from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, high blood pressure, piles, gout and prostate conditions the Company submitted an application to the Malaysia National Pharmaceutical Board under the commercial name SALARIS TEA BAG 4GM and registered the formula under traditional medicines and was approved with a medical approved license number: MAL17035014TC.

Today, C.s.e.™ formula through its commercial name SALARIS TEA BAG 4GM has for the last 11 years and still is being distributed at the micro level. Users have repeated their orders illustrating the demand for the product. A reversed inflamed prostate condition, a reversed diabetic condition, a reversed irregular menstrual condition, a reversed high blood pressure condition, a reversed gout condition, a reversed piles condition and a reversed joint pain condition. Find out more about the product.